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Construction Forum Magazine has been producing features for over 15 years. The companies and developments featured range from national businesses to local councils, nuclear specific projects, retail and sports developments as well as world renowned projects carried out throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas.

CFM identifies key growth opportunities for its readers, by sharing the success stories that have made contractors more competitive, more efficient and in many cases truly world class. Available online to a readership of key decision makers, the magazine uses editorial comment and stories as tools to illustrate how you can learn from the best, catch them up and then compete with them on a global stage.

CFM helps companies to reach their target audience. We can help you reach your sales and marketing objectives, whether that is image and awareness based, or more return on investment, focused marketing such as lead generation and new business opportunities. Whether promoting a new technology, increasing a reputation in the market or looking for new clients, we can help by positioning your company in the right place, in the hands of your future customers.

CFM is distributed free throughout the UK & Europe, we currently have a readership of over 100,000 which is continually increasing.
CFM is a prime platform to position your company in front of these key clients.


Our features are compiled by our in-house editorial team. Using a mix of quality colour visuals and informative text, the features can run over numerous pages providing you with an excellent marketing opportunity.

We are able to run a feature for you free of charge by marketing it to your contractors, service providers and suppliers to source support advertising to run alongside your feature. The more support we are able to secure for your feature, the more space we can allocate to it and the more exposure you will get.

If you would like to discuss having a feature in CFM, please contact us for more information.

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We have a full artwork studio that can design your advert for you, free of charge. Also, ask one of our account managers about editorial space to run alongside your advert for maximum marketing impact.

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